Modern kitchen window treatments – The first is cafe curtains; Keeping your kitchen, bright and airy possible with the use of Cafe curtains. When hung in the horizontal midsection of the window, Cafe curtains let enough natural light while giving you enough privacy. Open windows allow breeze to circulate without drawing open the curtains. A […]


Mid century modern window treatments – The first is blinds; The simple structure of both vertical and horizontal shutters work well with mid-century modern decorating scheme. Install vertical blinds on the sliding patio doors and floor to ceiling windows in the bedrooms. These window treatments provide privacy, while the curved wings present a graphic appeal […]


Country window treatments – You do not have to be a seamstress to create interesting and valances curtains for the windows. Window treatments are simple, seamless projects that produce professional results. Creative use of standard household items such as sheets and sewing techniques such as union Free provides all the details in the artistic treatment […]


Window treatment for bay window – Bay windows is a wonderful addition to any kitchen. Although not all of them have a wonderful view, they give the room a hint of openness and brightness. With the right window treatment, they can easily become a great focal point for any room. Whether bay window used as […]


Blackout window treatments – Many people have trouble sleeping when the sun shines through the windows. Nocturnal employees, children and those who simply enjoy taking naps during the day can benefit from installing a window treatment made specifically to darken a room. Each treatment has its advantages and disadvantages in terms of convenience, cost and […]


Window treatments sliding glass doors – Sliding glass doors often leads to decks and patios and allow plenty of light to enter your space. However, the transparency of these types of doors can sometimes be problematic, for example, when the sun is too bright or when your outdoor room is messy. In addition, they often […]


Nautical window treatments – Nautical interior design is often simple and clean, making them easy to convert to window treatments. This can be as simple as adding seashell decorations for existing curtains or as streamlined as to add colored window film to an unadorned window. Even quirky treatments, such as interior shutters, require little effort. […]


Luxury window treatments – Plantation shutters have wide slats, while traditional shutters similar to those usually seen on the outside of housing. You can buy painted, stained or unfinished shutters that can be cut to fit your windows. For exceptional size windows and a wider choice of finish, offers many retailers custom-made shutters. Professional installation […]


Waverly window treatments – You can make your own curtains using Waverly fabrics to coordinate with other styles in your room. While Waverly curtains are popular, using fabric, you can create your own customized look. If you decide to sew your own curtains, look at the different fabric styles available to complement your existing design […]


Victorian window treatments – Many people like decorating styles Victorian. Window treatments Victorian ranging from French country style to sleek modern shades. No matter what style you like that there is a Victorian window treatment to go along with your decor. You can buy these window treatments or even make them yourself if you can […]